Local Public High School Scholarships

The Baker Foundation

The Baker Foundation provides funds for scholarships to graduating students who are in need and have given back to their community through volunteering and service-based activities or through leadership at their school.

All scholarships are decided on by individual school committees and the award from the Baker Foundation to help with tuition and schooling expenses is $2,000/year for up to four years.

Between 2013 and 2017 The Baker Foundation funded well over $300,000 in scholarships to students throughout the South Puget Sound region by partnering with local High Schools and community organizations.

Tacoma Symphony Orchestra

Simply Symphonic youth education program

Simply Symphonic is a youth education program that reaches nearly 6,000 fifth grade students in Pierce County each year.   Lessons and exercises from professionally prepared curriculum guides, provided to the classrooms in Pierce County,  relate to specific learning objectives while also preparing students to participate in a live orchestral performance by the Tacoma Symphony.  For some of the children it is their first experience attending any type of concert in a real theatre.

Diabetes Association of Pierce County

Diabetes Association of Tacoma

The Baker Foundation funded 12 Scholarships for low income children from Pierce County the opportunity to meet other kids, with diabetes mellitus, to attend camp.  Panther Day Camp provides children with diabetes mellitus to  meet other kids with diabetes in a safe and fun environment.  The children learn about how they can live a full and active life through exercise, healthy eating habits and the proper use of insulin.  The focus is not only on diabetes education but on having fun and building friendships.